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Is there anything left? 2019/9/8 17:10
Wow! so much fascinating information on this site and thank you to everyone. I have been married to a Hamako lady for 30 years and travel to Yokohama every year to visit the relatives. Each time I visit I try and seek out any landmarks in the Yokohama area from the past but unfortunately due to earthquakes, fires, bombings etc, there seems to be very little left. If anyone knows of any secret hideaways that are waiting to be explored then would you kindly share them with me.

One particular landmark I'm trying to see if still exists is the electric tram tunnel that went under the Bluff, possibly built around 1904. I'm wondering if this tunnel was the existing tunnel that the current Keihin Tohoku line uses or whether it is separate. Here is a link to a photo of the tunnel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Is there anything left? 2019/9/9 15:51
The former railway is now a road. That spot is the Yamate Zuido (ŽRŽč詓š):

It's the Daini Yamate Zuido (Tunnel), so in this picture, it's the one of the left:

Not sure if you've already visited or not, but the Kozukue Castle Ruins are in Yokohama City. It's historic but also has a scenic bamboo grove:

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Re: Is there anything left? 2019/9/9 17:21
That's so cool, I have spent years wondering where this was, I will be visiting in November. Thank you so much
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