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Vintage store sign / character 2019/9/9 05:34

I'm looking for large vintage or worn Kanji signs used for advertisement on stores in Japan. Preferably with rust or chipped (several paint layers). I want to use it to hang on a wall in my home.

Please see this image for reference

Any suggestions would be really helpful.


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Re: Vintage store sign / character 2019/9/9 13:52
Hi !
Google with these keywords,
錆びた (rusty)
看板 (signs)
漢字 (kanji)
and you can get these results, for example.錆びた看板

But these signs are in Japanese(some are only in kanji, or only in kana, and others are a mix of kanji and kana, normal in Japanese).

The image (and other ones on the same page) you indicated for reference are certainly in kanji, but in Chinese (and partly in traditional style kanji), so I suppose it is in Taiwan that these photos were taken.

The example 聯合大薬局 literally “United pharmacies”, the first kanji 聯 is a traditional style kanji, which is used today only in Taiwan; in Simplified style used in PRC it is 联, and 連 in simplified Japanese kanji.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Vintage store sign / character 2019/9/9 14:09
Or, are what you want not pictures, but real ones?
See this site, and inquire directly yourself.ホーロー看板

I personally know nothing about these fields of pleasue.
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Re: Vintage store sign / character 2019/9/9 15:58
Hi, and thanks for thinking with me.
The 2nd link comes closer to what i am searching. However, these are enamel signs, which are nice. But i am looking for boxed style characters. Nowadays mainly created with acrylic fronts so they can be backlit.
See this link:
So more of a 3d character sign. I know this is a chinese example, but i know that when i was in Dotonbori i also saw some of these signs:

Boxed signs with neon is also an option.

What i am looking for doens't have to be pre 70's. As long as they are used and show weathering.
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Re: Vintage store sign / character 2019/9/9 16:02
Looking further in your first link i found a perfect example of what i am looking for.

The character that is still whole and hanging on the right is exactly what i mean. How would i be able to get a hold on such an item you think? If you could help me with that.

Thanks again.
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