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How to get COE for work visa as a cook 2019/9/10 02:16
Hello everyone, so i would like to ask maybe one of you know about this.

So I got a job in japan as a cook ( commis position) in one of big hotel company. I have signed my contract too and the company said they will help me to get COE ( certificate of eligibilty).

I am so happy because i got a job in japan, but in the other time i am confused enough because in almost every website in google said,to get work visa as a cook, at least I need 10 years of experiences in kitchen.

But the problem is I only have 1 year of work experience, 1 year as a trainee, and degree of diploma( 3years of study) . And I have some of certificate of competitions ( that I hope it will help me to get the coe).

What do you think, will I get the coe eventhough i only have little experiences?

I really anxient because that I can do now is to wait the news from the company about my coe.

Thank you very much .
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Re: How to get COE for work visa as a cook 2019/9/10 11:10
Very surprised the company would hire you knowing your work exprience is low.

All you can do is wait for an answer.
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Re: How to get COE for work visa as a cook 2019/9/10 13:38
Yes, in total I have only 2 years experiences . 1 year experience as a staff(in one of big hotel company in my country) and 1 year as a trainee.

I even dont know why that company want hired me, they thing that I am qualified enough due that I have so many certificate of competitins( i also ever represent my country in ASEAN level) .

Yes what you said is right, the only thing that i can do is waiting for the result, I really hope my company can struggling for the COE.

Thank you very much for your reply.
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