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Sono bun to itte wa nan desu ga 2019/9/10 09:55
1) I gather from context that そのぶんといってはなんですが means "therefore" or "that's why" or "therefore, at least...". How does it differ from just そのぶん? Does the といってはなんですが add a different tone?

2) I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious: in 「私の心を傷つけた奴には玄関に生ゴミ置いちゃうぞ」 (what a sentence!), who is throwing garbage on whose doorstep?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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Re: Sono bun to itte wa nan desu ga 2019/9/10 14:09
I wish you’d have given the whole sentence/conversation for context. I imagine that maybe person A did something for B, and B says this in appreciation; have you heard of the expression お礼と言っては何ですが (it is like something in return/appreciation for what you’ve done/given, um, maybe I shouldn’t be so arrogant as to say this is in line with what you gave me) kind of expression? It would precede a phrase like お受け取り下さい (please accept it).
This “bun” in “sono bun” is like “for that portion” “for that part.” So this phrase is saying “Maybe I shouldn’t say it is for that part (what you’ve done for me) but here’s my token of appreciation” kind of thing. “At least” might come in handy because it connotes “this is for what you’ve done, of course it if not enough, but at least…” (“please accept it” would follow).
お礼 と いうのも おこがましい です が might be another one that might be used as well ("it would be impudent of me to say that this is (enough as) a token of appreciation for what you've done for me)

私の心を傷つけた奴には 玄関に生ごみを置いちゃうぞ
To whoever who hurts my feelings, I am going to put garbage right at your doorstep.
So it’s “I” who has been hurt who is going to place it at the doorstep of whoever that hurt “me”.
What a sentence.

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