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Ticket proxy service? 2019/9/10 14:34
Can anyone recommend a ticket proxy service (besides fdjp or bridge.jpn)?

Ifd like to buy a ticket for an event but itfs sold through ticket pia...

Thanks in advance!
by Ann (guest)  

Re: Ticket proxy service? 2019/9/16 10:02
This used to be easy but the Japanese government and events industry cracked down on ticket resales, so now it isn't.

There is some info on the page noted, but JCT no long offer a proxy service, and in many cases, proxy services simply cannot be used any more, as they are deemed to involve identity fraud, potentially leading to the sky falling in or the end of the world.

www [dot] japanconcerttickets [dot] com [slash] ticket-service [slash]

So instead of buying a DVD, we were, for a few years, able to use an online proxy service, go to Japan and actually be at a concert. Now we have to settle for the DVD again. On the plus side, this has made the world safe again for decent people, small children and kawaii furry animals.

But as long as you have a Japanese cell phone, Japanese address, Japanese bank account, Japanese credit card, My Number card, can speak Japanese and can pop over to buy the ticket when it comes on sale, you'll be fine.
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Re: Ticket proxy service? 2019/9/19 09:29
Hi David,

Thanks for the info!

I agree that it was easier before. Nowadays, most official ticket sellers require mobile confirmation to set up an account, and you canft buy a ticket without registering.

Actually, I was able to buy a ticket through Tickets Galore Japan last week. There was a link on the JCT site. Just need to get my ticket & enter the venue successfully.

Wish me luck :)
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Re: Ticket proxy service? 2019/12/20 23:31
Hi! Can you tell us if everything went ok with your tickets in Tickets Galore please? I have the same dubt now and don't know if TG is secure :(
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Re: Ticket proxy service? 2019/12/29 14:48
I used tickets galore to see The Bawdies in November 2019 and got in ok.
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Re: Ticket proxy service? 2019/12/30 02:15

They were ok. My request was last minute (b/c the event was announced last minute) so the service was expensive.

Plus there was a lot of back and forth about which seller & which ticket to get. Fortunately, I know enough Japanese to understand the bidding sites & was able to find better seats than the ones TG initially offered.

Just be careful if your event is strict with checking the names on the tickets. Mine was relatively lax so they didnft check, but if they had, I probably wouldnft have been able to enter.

Good luck!
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