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Ibaraki one day trip doable? 2019/9/12 20:15

I am planning a one day trip from Ikebukuro to Ibaraki prefecture, my idea was to get up early to Ushiku and visit the Budha, is the budha place very big?

After that I wanted to reach Hitachi Seaside Park, which is 55 min by train and then bus, is the park very big? How long does it take? Is it worth during August?

Finally If I have time I wanted to reach Oarai to see the sunrise in Oarai Isozaki floating torii gate and overnight somewhere.

What do you think?
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Re: Ibaraki one day trip doable? 2019/9/23 12:05
It seems ambitious but possible. The bus times for Ushiku Daibutsu are infrequent, so it will depend on how long you spend there. It seems there are more buses on weekends:

It seems (on a weekend) you have to take the first bus to the Daibutsu so that you can take the first or second bus back to the station in order to get to Katsuta Station and take the bus in time to actually explore around Hitachi Seaside Park.

The sunset at Oarai in August is about 6:45, so you'll want to be there by then:

It takes about 35 minutes to walk there from Oarai Station, so consider that, as well (or take a taxi. I didn't look up buses).
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Re: Ibaraki one day trip doable? 2019/9/24 10:37
It is not particularly far or long (couple of hours from Ikebukuro) to get to Ibaraki so doing that as a day trip wouldn't be too hard. Lots of people visit for Kairakuen.
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Re: Ibaraki one day trip doable? 2019/9/24 13:10
Hi we went Ushiku from Tokyo, check out my post below. It's not very big.


Always wanted to go Hitachii seaside park but couldn't make it so far as visited Japan in mid Sep was too late for sunflowers in Hitachii (think it's Aug, check out their website for flowers calendar). It's a huge park so u need to alight at right bus stop to right gate so to save on walking time. Hope this help.
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