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Omishima bus and route information 2019/9/13 04:12
I am intending to travel to Omishima using (http://www.chugokubus.jp/) and leaving Fukuyama Station heading to Imabari. I will alight at Omishima BS. On the return, I will get off at Koto BS, so I can walk to the ferry terminal and head to Onomichi. I have used Google Streetview to check to see if there is a taxi stop or a regular bus stop, but I can't seem to find anything close to the expressway bus stop that would aid me in getting to Oyamazumi Shrine, my intended destination in Omishima.

Is there a local bus service in the island which would benefit me? I don't drive, so I would have to rely on public transportation. I can't seem to find much information on the internet about local buses in Omishima, though I thought I struck it lucky when it was in fact Oshima Island (off the coast of Izu Peninsula) that had a pretty extensive bus network. Dejected, I looked again for Omishima and could only find the original Chugoku Bus website with buses to Omishima but nothing within the island. I'll take a taxi as well. I don't mind that, but this stop isn't like a train station where taxis seem to be waiting for people to get off the train.

If anyone could find any information on the availability of public transport on the island, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
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Re: Omishima bus and route information 2019/9/13 15:19
Yes, there is a bus, but it comes from Imabari. But it stops at Omishima BS:


The stop you want is :
大三島BS To 大山祇神社前

If you click on the time you see the route and have departure time at the 大三島BS Stop.

Time table is different for weekday, Saturday or holiday/Sunday.

I went two years ago by bicycle and visited an onsen nearby which had sea water.

Enjoy your trip to Ehime!
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Re: Omishima bus and route information 2019/9/13 21:02
Thank you! But I hope I don't go to Ehime, that'll be too far, lol! I still consider those islands as an extension of Hiroshima, lol! I think I have the timetables right. I think I have a bus arriving from Fukuyama at 8:41 and another leaving for the shrine at 8:55, so I won't be waiting too long.

There seems to be a bit more distance in between times on the return though. One leave the shrine at 11:02 and the next is at 14:07. I can see the shrine and museum being worth about 2 hours, but not 5. I would then have to leave on the 11:02 and arrive at Omishima BS at 11:15 in order to catch the Fukuyama-bound bus at 11:43.

This will be on a Saturday, so I think I got the times right. Thank you! Now I just hope I recognize the buses I'm supposed to take and not miss one, lol!
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Re: Omishima bus and route information 2019/9/14 00:41
I wonder what you are expecting from this shrine? It seems to be a full day excursion.

I visited it and to me (no expert on the matter) it seemed a pretty normal shrine.

There is a temple on Ikuchi shima (Kousanji) which is more special. It’s curious and large. Not necessarily beautiful, but different from many other temples.

BTW, Omishima is technically in Ehime Prefecture :-)
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Re: Omishima bus and route information 2019/9/14 00:58
The museum nearby contains the largest collection of National Treasures of Japan when it comes to swords and armor. I will be leaving Hiroshima (my base in Chugoku) in the morning and I will end up in Onomichi in the evening during their Betcha Festival. It is in the evening that I'm most interested in being in Onomichi. I will still have a good 8 hours yo enjoy Onomichi.
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Re: Omishima bus and route information 2019/9/14 02:41
Thanks for explaining!

I missed that museum. Although I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as you will do.

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