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Snow in Japan 2019/9/14 00:53
Haii. this is my first time coming to Japan, I will arrive in Osaka on November 21st and return on December 1st. I really want to take my child to see the snow, at first I wanted to bring it to Hokkaido but I undo my intention because the trip from Osaka to Hokkaido was very far and tiring. Can you help me choose the area around osaka / tokyo or shirakawa go, karuizawa, nikko or other places in Japan that are roughly snowing between November 21 - December 1 2019.

Many thanks for your help
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Re: Snow in Japan 2019/9/15 08:21
The last week in November is typically when the Ski resorts near Nagano open. There should be snow there unless it is a freak year. You can get to Nagano in about 90 minutes from Tokyo on the bullet train. You wouldn't necessarily have to ski, you could just visit the base of the mountain and maybe have lunch just to see the snow.

You may be a little early for Yuzawa.

You may also just check the weather and condition nearer to your trip and see if any mountain cities have had an early snow.
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Re: Snow in Japan 2019/9/15 08:21
There are not many easily accessible places with guaranteed snow in late November, even in Hokkaido.

Depending on the year, there can sometimes be a little snow even in Shirakawago, Karuizawa and Nikko in late November, but usually it is too early.

If you do not mind man-made snow, then the ski resort in Karuizawa and the Snow Town Yeti resort on Mount Fuji are open in late November with man-made snow:

Other options are the Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route that comes with a quite high probability of snow in the higher elevations:

Also the Kagura ski resort in Yuzawa usually opens by late November, but I am not sure how much snow activities there are available for non-skiers:
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Re: Snow in Japan 2019/9/15 08:23
Nagano ski resorts didn't have snow until mid December last year. I would not count on them.
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Re: Snow in Japan 2019/9/15 09:37
Yes, nothing is guaranteed that early in the year. But they do have end of November listed as planned opening.


Really I would just check conditions in mountainous cities when I was there and make a detour if there was somewhere with early snow.

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