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Nikko Luggage Forward/Lockers 2019/9/14 07:46

I've used Yamato and other luggage forwarders many times in Japan, but usually on the most travelled routes, such as Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka.

We are going to Nikko this January, staying the first night at Kinugawa Hotel Mikazuki in Kinugawa Onsen. It is an onsen hotel, and has limited check-in hours. I know that when that is the case, it can sometimes be difficult to forward luggage and have it accepted.

I read on the Nikko town website that they did a trial of a local luggage forwarding service that forwarded your luggage to your hotel from the station the same day, as long as you got it there by 3pm or prior. However, it was a trial, and I'm unclear as to whether it is still offered.

We are planning to leave from Tokyo early the morning of our arrival, but check-in doesn't start until 3pm, and we would like to go to Edo Wonderland prior to our check-in. We will only have carry-on bags with us for this journey, but would like to either forward them from Tokyo, forward them same-day from Kinugawa Onsen or Nikko station when we get there, or else leave it in a locker for the day at Kinugawa Station.

Can anyone give me more info on what might work best in Nikko, specifically Kinugawa Onsen, rather than Nikko Station, as we will be arriving at the Kinugawa Onsen Tobu Station around 10 or 11am.

Are there ample lockers at Kinugawa Onsen Tobu station, and do they fill up quickly? We will be arriving on Jan-3, which is the weekend after the year-end holiday, so I fear it might be crowded!
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