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Odakyu Romancecar 2019/9/14 11:58
I just tried booking Odakyu Romancecar this morning exactly at 10am Japan time, 1 month ahead of travel. Needed to get for 4 pax. Tried for frontal observatory seats 1st row. At that point (10am sharp) 1 seat was taken. So I checked rear observatory seats. Managed to get all 4 seats rear facing. Not so sure I would like traveling facing backward though and since Ifm traveling at 12:20 middle of October.. fingers crossed I wonft be baked by the sun. But I figure if it gets warm I can move to sit in the normal seats... Surely it wonft be all full.
In 3 days gotta do it again for the return journey. A pity again itfll be on the 50000 Series VSE and not the latest 70000 GSE (Timing issue - If I take the GSE Ifve gotta ride the 18:39 instead of the 17:30. No more view of Mt Fuji since sun sets slightly after 5pm or any view since itfll be nighttime. Also, a bit of a rush for dinner since ETA at Shinjuku is 8pm. But if the GSE is way better than the VSE Ifll opt for it..
Any thots on the comparison between the two?
How about the rear facing observatory seats?
by Melanie Putra  

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