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Fabric used in goyji costume 2019/9/15 11:05
Would anyone know if it's possible to buy the fabric that goyji's use to have their costumes made from in sumo. ?
It appears to be a fairly heavy patterned silk, and I was wondering if either used costumes were sold or the material was available. It is beautiful, colorful and traditional.

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Re: Fabric used in goyji costume 2019/9/15 22:19
I assume you are talking about gyoji instead of goyji. And the costume you're talking about is called "hitatare" which is written as 直垂
Hitatare is a traditional type of men's wear which is not specifically for gyoji. Meanwhile, gyoji wears various types of fabric depending on his status and the season he wears it, and you are looking for the fairly heavy patterned silk ones.

I searched the internet but couldn't find shops that claim they say gyoji hitatare fabric. If you specifically want something designed for gyoji, perhaps you can try asking the sumo museum.

Meanwhile, if you're simply looking for intricate fabric for Japanese traditional costumes, you can buy them through most kimono stores. For example, fabric for "uchikake" (the outer gown of a bride's costume) is something that comes to my mind. Kimono stores also may be able to give you advice on how you can find gyoji costumes.
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Re: Fabric used in goyji costume 2019/9/16 09:40
Thank you Uco, and apologies for the incorrect spelling. I didn't realise it was seasonal, but I suppose that is understandable.
I do only want the fabric, maybe for some upholstery or cushions, so I will look at the kimono shops and ask them for advice.
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