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Fuji Hakone Pass or Hakone Pass 2019/9/15 14:09
Travelling during end of November
Since Fuji-Hakone Pass is valid for 3 days, can we use it the itinerary like this:
Day 1
- Tokyo to Hakone area
- Back to Tokyo
- Tokyo to Fuji area
- Back to Tokyo
We will be having Hakone-Fuji pass & Tokyo Metro pass during these days and are planning to activate our 7-day JR pass after this trip (Day-3)

is it possible?
by Kunvar  

Re: Fuji Hakone Pass or Hakone Pass 2019/9/16 13:13
No. The pass allows one round trip from Tokyo to the Fuji area - you are proposing two trips.
"Only one round trip can be made within 3 days."
The official info explains it all:
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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass or Hakone Pass 2019/9/16 17:55
Thank you for your reply! Done some more research. From 24th - 29th November; I will be in Tokyo and plans to do Hakone, Fuji five lakes & Kamakura as day trips:-
For Kamakura; not planning to take any pass as I will be using my JR pass. Is this feasible?
For Hakone & Fuji five lakes (2 separate round trips from Tokyo to Hakone & Takyo to Fuji 5 Lakes); I am planning to take Hakone pass for Day 1 and do Hakone (5700 Yen/person & 11400 Yen total)
Day 2 planning to book bus from Shunjuku to Kawaguchiko Station (Keio bus service) - Costing me 1950 Yen/person (Total 7800 Yen for round trip) & Unlimited Ride pass (covering Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Saiko, Narusawa/ Lake Shojiko/ Lake Motosuko area) costing 1500 Yen/person (3000 Yen) - Total of 10800 Yen
Let me know if this plan is feasible?
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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass or Hakone Pass 2019/9/17 08:09
Unless you are doing a lot of other travelling in Japan, while the JR pass works for Kamakura, the cost of getting there is pretty minor.
For your two day-trips to the Fuji area, do realize that you are spending a lot of time travelling (especially for the inconvenient Kawaguchi-ko. Most people would do one or the other and spend the second day doing something better.
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Re: Fuji Hakone Pass or Hakone Pass 2019/9/17 14:37
Ummmm, wouldn't it be nearer and easier to get to Fuji areas from Hakone itself? JR Pass to Kamakura is fine. You should also maximize your JR Pass and experience shinkansen if you can. I think the nearest is Nikko?
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