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Arima Onsen Kaseki Dinner 2019/9/15 16:49
Hi All,

I'm going to ask for advice for what I'm expecting to be impossible, but it's worth asking.

At present, I'm staying in Kobe for 2 nights and I'm looking at visiting Arima Onsen for 1 night (probably December 21st - Saturday night). I'm wondering if anyone is aware of a reasonable in quality and price restaurant or hotel/ryokan that serves Kaseki dinners without staying the night. What makes it impossible is (1) I'm a single person (2) It's a Saturday night and (3) I'm hoping for a price around 3-8,000 yen. I'm not expecting Kobe beef for that price.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Being a Saturday night, prices are at a premium to stay the night and it complicates my transport arrangements with how far Arima Onsen is from central Kobw.
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Re: Arima Onsen Kaseki Dinner 2019/9/28 23:19
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Re: Arima Onsen Kaseki Dinner 2019/9/28 23:51
As you mentioned, it is rather strict requirement (Sat night, single person, 3000-8000 yen Kaiseki dinner). I searched and found this restaurant.


It is in Arima onsen Ln O { |. Arima onsen Gekko-en Kouroukan Japanese restaurant Yumiharitsuki.
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Re: Arima Onsen Kaseki Dinner 2019/9/30 20:40
Thanks for the info. I'll look into this soon in more detail
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