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Japan tour 2019/9/15 20:22
Hi guys,

So i'll be visiting Japan for a very short holiday - just 2-3 days. I know it's too short and I wont be able to cover most of the part. I'll be reaching Narita International Airport around last week of November.

This is the 1st time i'm visiting Japan so I only have few places of interest.

1) I'd like to visit a good hot spring
2) I'm not a huge shopping/city fan. So i'd like to visit some nice mountain area for a change for like farms/snow mountains etc to spend the night (i know during this time there wont be much snow)
3) I'd love to travel to scenic locations

So can someone provide how can i achieve this within 2-3 days? Where can i travel?

Important question - I read about JR pass. It seems quite expensive, even the 7 day pass. Do you think in 3 days I will spend that much on transportation? Visiting Tokyo is a must. From there i'd like to cover these places and go back to Narita.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Japan tour 2019/9/16 11:42

Since you only have 2-3 days I would personally go to Nikko/Kinugawa onsen. I don't think there is anywhere where you are guaranteed snow, and Nikko/Kinugawa is unlikely to have snow as well, but it's easily reachable, has an onsen and is more "country/" A 3 day Tokyo Wide Pass might work for you or one of the Tobu passes.

You could also I guess look at Kauizawa, again there is not likely to be snow, but it's in the mountains and I am sure there is some sort of onsen there, again you would use a Tokyo Wide Pass.

Good luck!
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Re: Japan tour 2019/9/16 11:54
Yes there are a few onsen at Karuizawa. There is a nice one at Tsuruya Ryokan which is actually an awesome ryokan for first timers as they really explain things well to foreigners. There is also a really good outdoor and indoor onsen at Le Grand Kyu (which is one of our favorite hotels) but I'm not sure whether they are continuing to use onsen water.
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Re: Japan tour 2019/9/16 15:03
From the interests you describe I second Nikko area or (!!!) Karuizawa.

A Jr nationwide pass will not pay off. But a Tokyo wide pass or a Nikko specific pass may, depending on your final itinerary.

Enjoy your quick trip to Japan!

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Re: Japan tour 2019/9/17 08:05
Even the 3-day Tokyo Wide pass is almost too much if you are going to Nikko/Kinugaua. The Tobu trains and passes are cheaper.
I was at Kinugawa last week - enjoyed my soak in the onsen and took my group around Nikko for the temples/shrines/lake/falls.
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