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Photography in and around Kurokawa 2019/9/16 01:20
I will be visiting Kurokawa next March. I was planning to spend three nights there, hoping to do some nature photography along the river. Is this a mistake? Other posts here make it sound like Kurokawa is not a good place to spend more than one or two days, but no-one else mentioned photos. I assume I won't be able to photograph at the onsens, but are there other spots along the river where this would be possible?
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Re: Photography in and around Kurokawa 2019/9/16 12:13
Each hot spring resort can make its own rules. I've only had one place tell me up front no photos or video allowed. As far as being by the river etc, it is the same as any other place in Japan - shoot away, but don't be a nuisance.

Given the rather high prices at a lot of the places, you'd better be ready to get a really thinner wallet. If you are serious about this, you really need a car to go there and get around Kurokawa. There are close to 30 places in total, and they are quite scattered. You'd waste a ton of time walking from one end to the other - and not all the onsen are the same - some are spectacular, while others are just meh. I'd stay outside Kurokawa a couple nights for cheaper accommodations, and then just one overnight there for the experience.

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Re: Photography in and around Kurokawa 2019/9/16 12:39
Hi, we stayed in 2 places but of them Hozentai was by far the prettier. The town is quite pretty as well, and the farming areas with the bullfrogs croaking away (I wonder if that is why is is "Kurokawa"?). Hozentai costs a bomb but is by far the best place I have stayed, ever. If you can get in there to photograph you will never forget it.

If you are getting around Tokyo, I found the river around Chichibu very pretty.
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Re: Photography in and around Kurokawa 2019/9/16 22:34
The main problem with Kurokawa is it's right next to one of the most photogenic places on earth period - Mt Aso. Kurokawa Onsen is photogenic but I'd not call it a nature hot spot. I'd say that Aso and Takachiho are more of this...

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Re: Photography in and around Kurokawa 2019/9/17 06:11
I would say the same thing. 30- 45 minutes from Tachachiko, Asosan and Mt Yufu. Plenty of photo ops to fill your days.
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Re: Photography in and around Kurokawa 2019/9/17 17:15
Not disagreeing with the good points above, but I'd just speak up in Kurokawa's favour and say that you might want to spend at least half a day using the map at the bottom of this page https://www.kurokawaonsen.or.jp/eng_new/access/surrounding.php and visiting some of the rotemburo. Some of the roads out of the town are very quiet and take you into some nice countryside where you might get some good close up nature photography (rather than big landscape views, which you'll get in the places recommended above).
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