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Japan Rail during Holiday 19/20 2019/9/17 09:42
Hi yall. A friend and I will be in Japan from 27-Dec 2019 to 16-Jan-2020 this year, and are planning to travel from Tokyo to Yamanashi on 12/30 at around 4-6 PM, and from Yamanashi to Osaka on the morning of 1/2.

We have set reservations in either city, and would like to reserve seats the day after we arrive (28th), but wanted to check here to see if anyone has any further insight on the busy times this year, and how busy those particular routes are, and if any of you had any particular issues travelling on these days.

I'm thinking that, being the weekend of, things are gonna get pretty hairy, and I'd like to avoid any mishaps that may commonly occur for visitors on the new years.

Your advices are most appreciated!
by Ted Kim (guest)  

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