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Kintetsu Pass - date validity? 2019/9/17 20:00
Hi there,

I booked a Kintetsu 2 day pass for one trip from Kyoto to Nara and one from Kyoto to Asuka. 23.10 and 24.10
Now I booked a factory trip for Suntory Yamazaki on 23.10 which is why I will use the Kintetsu Pass on 24.10 and 25.1ß

I am not sure if I have to cancel the Kintetsu Pass or if I can simply keep the existing order.

On the Kintetsu website there is one point that can be found below "How to Ride on the Kintetsu Railway", namely "* If the start date is not stamped/written on your ticket, the station attendant will stamp or write the start date on your ticket."

To me that sounds like there is no initial date printed on the ticket, the date will be printed on the ticket the first time I use it.
Why should it be so important that the date I use for the reservation is exactly the date I pick up my ticket in Japan?
by TomMunich  

Re: Kintetsu Pass - date validity? 2019/9/18 19:31
It sounds like that pass is like others that JR East has. The pass comes with a blank portion for the station to stamp upon first usage. You should be fine.
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