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Green Ticket mistakes by staff 2019/9/18 09:45
The past 2 trips in Kyushu I have been getting my tickets created wrongly, often. At Hakata Station you write your train information, date, time on printed sheets and give them to the counter with your JR Pass. I have the Green Pass and despite writing GREEN on the paper and pointing to the back of my pass showing the green label I don't get green seat. When I exchange the ticket it's the same train but now I'm given a green seat so it wasn't that it was all taken. Is there something I can say or write in Japanese so this stops?
by Chris (guest)  

Re: Green Ticket mistakes by staff 2019/9/18 11:10
I would say "gureen-sha onegaishimasu" and see if that helps.
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Re: Green Ticket mistakes by staff 2019/9/18 16:47
There are also trains without green cars, so be aware of that when choosing your desired connection.

Also point out that you are having a green pass when you are at the counter, although it is annyoing to do so.
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