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JR pass 2019/9/18 09:49
Ifll be going to Japan on Oct 4-14, and have a few questions.
Right now my plan is just to venture out in and around Tokyo Metro from 4-11, but Ifll be staying at a family friend in Kawaguchi Saitama.
On the 12th Ifll be going to Kyoto and staying there until the 14th and planning to go straight to Narita from there.
Ifm thinking about getting the 7-Day JR pass, and Ifve been doing some research and actually used the JR pass calculator which gave me a gclose callh (30k yen).
Ifm wondering, can I justify that with the train use in Tokyo including the round trip from Kawaguchi?
If so, Ifll probably have to stick to using as much JR trains as possible, but would that be too hassle?
I appreciate all the feedback. This is my first time going to Japan too!

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Re: JR pass 2019/9/18 12:53
Kawaguchi into Shinjuku is only 220 yen. So I don't think you'll make it up there. And the JR pass only covers local lines and the circle route Yamanote line in Tokyo. You'll be stuck taking often inconvenient routes to use that pass inside Tokyo. Which means, you'll want a Pasmo or Suica prepaid card for the subway anyway. Just use that to get in from Kawaguchi, too.

If you want just a discount on a bullet train trip to Kyoto and back, this can be a good value: https://www.japanican.com/en/tour/detail/PAS1J02031MKC/

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Re: JR pass 2019/9/18 15:53
If it is ga close callh I would go for normal ticket (or maybe one of the other offers) to be able to ride on Nozomi instead of the slower, less frequent Shinkansen.
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Re: JR pass 2019/9/19 04:33
Thank you for the replies! I donft think Ifll be getting them then. Ifll just get that discounted round trip or look into the Nozomi train.
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