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Easy-to-access onsen between Akita and Tokyo? 2019/9/18 13:28
Hello. We are travelling from Akita to Tokyo in mid-February, and looking to spend a few days in an onsen location (in a ryokan), but many onsen seem to be quite a distance from JR shinkansen stations. This means that many trains need to be taken to get to/from an onsen.

Can anybody recommend any onsen that are easy to get to (from the JR line between Akita and Tokyo) and have activities that are child-friendly (such as the Snow Monkey Park in Yamanouchi).

Many thanks.
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Re: Easy-to-access onsen between Akita and Tokyo? 2019/9/18 15:57
The area around Tazawako (Nyuto onsen) does spring to my mind. Direct access by Shinkansen from Akita!

Alternatively you could look into Hiraizumi area? Also very conveniently along a major train line. (No Shinkansen IN Hiraizumi as far as I remember but really close)

Regarding kids activities , I guess everywhere you go youfll have a lot of snow.
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Re: Easy-to-access onsen between Akita and Tokyo? 2019/9/19 07:01
We went to two different ryokan that are part of Hanamaki onsen this past Summer. We drove but most offer a free shuttle bus to try to increase foreign tourists. We didn't stay at this place, but we considered it because it seemed to have a lot of children's activities:

Of the places we did stay, I loved the first one, Airinkan. It might have a shuttle, but is considerably further from the train as we passed Shidotaira a good 15+ minutes before getting to Airinkan. (We accidentally went the wrong way over the pictured bridge which is how I know we passed that ryokan hotel.) While I loved Airinkan, I have no idea what it is like in Winter. We also stayed at the Hanamaki Hotel and you couldn't pay me to go back there. We left that place as fast as possible in the morning.

Ichinoseki seems to have actual onsen and is a shinkansen stop and close to Hiraizumi.

There are several other onsen areas along the Tohoku line that offer free shuttle buses from various train stations. I remember looking at a few near Fukushima in the Mount Bandai area and several had shuttles. There is also the Nasu Shiobara area.

It really depends on what you want, good luck!
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