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One Month in Japan 2019/9/19 10:27
Hi Guys,

I am 32 years-old, and will go first time to Japan, alone, arriving at 23/10 and leave in 19/11:
The itinerary that i am thinking of doing is (principal objectives - landscape photo, temples, autumn leaves, sumo, japan life style, onsen, museums; i like a lot - eat, games, anime (so i am guarding one day to be lost in Tokyo). I will stay in hostels preferably:

23 Narita - Nikko
24 Nikko
25 Niko to Matsumoto
26 Matsumoto to Okuhida (stay in ryonkan)
27 Okuhida to Takayama (bus at 12h)
28 Takayama to Kioto (train at 15h)
29 Kioto
30 Kioto (one day-trip to Nara)
31 Kioto
1/11 Kioto
2 Kioto to Osaka
3 Osaka
4 Osaka
5 Osaka to Himenji (train 7H), Himeji to Okayama (train 14h) Okayama to Hiroshima (train 18h)
6 Hiroshima
7 Hiroshima to Miyajima and leave after to Nagasaki (train 18h)
8 Nagasaki
9 Nagasaki to Fukuoka
10 Fukuoka (sumo tournament)
11 Fukuoka to Nagoya (Toyota museam)
12 Nagoya to Mt Fuji
13 Mt Fuji
14 Mt Fuji to Tokyo
15 Tokyo
16 Tokyo
17 Tokyo (day trip Kusatso)
18 Tokyo
19 Tokyo (leave at 21h)

What do you think of?
I made some calculation and JR pass will only be worth it when i leave osaka (14-days pass).
Have any suggestion on some alterations?

Thank you so much for any answer.
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Re: One Month in Japan 2019/9/19 21:10
My opinion: Don't buy JR Nationwide pass.
Always buy one way ticket.
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Re: One Month in Japan 2019/9/19 22:04
Overall sounds good.

You could consider flying back from Fukuoka to Haneda instead of a long day on the train, if you put Nagoya after the Japanese Alps part. Just an idea.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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