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Translate Omikuji from Inari Shrine 2019/9/19 20:54
Is there anyone able to translate this omikuji for me?

by Kazushin (guest)  

Re: Translate Omikuji from Inari Shrine 2019/9/22 03:48
This Japanese is written in vertical.
The first line on the very right is a haiku poetry which is too difficult for me to understand even in Japanese. Not that normally, Omikuji are not easy understand to Japanese.
(I am Japanese)
But the rest of the two lines explains what it means as follows.
According to the god, you may have many things to worry about at the time being.
You have to think about the reasons of why this world looks like what it appears.
And should be very careful when your interact with other people.
If not, you may encounter an unexpected and unwanted things.

On the left bottom box, you got advises for specific topics.
In order of right to left,

Directions = west will be good
Illness = Be careful to cure
Lost items = Search faster, then you might get it back. It is somewhere nearby.
Trips = Good and bad
Marriage = Good
People you are waiting for = Will arrive
Building houses or moving = Good
Games or gamble = You can win

On the left top of the sheet, it shows the overall result of this fortune tell.
It is says, good and bad are blending into one, the gSuekichih.
Suekichi is mostly consider to a bit less good than average.

I would say it is not a good result but, being careful what you do and say in you daily life, you can even turn bad things to good things.

Good luck.
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