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last minute itinerary 2019/9/20 22:50
Hello, everybody,

my wife and I will fly tomorrow from Stuttgart in Germany via Amsterdam to Tokyo and spend three weeks in Japan. We are really looking forward to it.
We booked all hotels and bought a Japan Railpass. The vouchers are here on my desk. We have a PocketWifi with Unlimited Data to stream Netflix if we need some rest:-). As Germans we don't need a visa. I have put together a small first-aid kit. We also have a power adapter. Can you think of anything else we need to take to Japan? And above all: What do you think of our itinerary?
How hot is it currently in Japan, especially in Tokyo and Kyoto? What is the best website for weather information? Any tips about places, things, etc. we need to see?

23.09. Tokyo (Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka)

1. Yasukuni Shrine
2. Kitanomaru Park
4. East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
5. Lunch
6. Senso-ji Temple
7. Asakusa Shrine
8. Ueno Park
9. National Museum of Western Art
10. Akihabara

24.09. Kamakura (Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka)
1. Hasedera Temple
2. Great Buddha of Kamakura
3. Daibutsu Hiking Course
4. Lunch
5. Zeniarai Benten Shrine
6. Genjiyama Park
7. Tsurugaoka Hachimangū

25.09. Tokyo (Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka)
1. Kyu Asakura House
2. Shibuya crossing
3. Omotesando
4. Lunch
5. Yoyogi Park
6. Meiji Shrine
7. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
8. Shinjuku

26.09. & 27.09. Hakone (Hakone Lake Hotel)
1. Hakone Open Air Museum
2. POLA Museum of Art
3. Pirateship
4. Onsen in the Hotel

28.09. Kyoto (Kyoto Itoya Hotel)
1. Kiyomizu-dera Temple
2. Sannen-zaka and Ninnen-zaka
3. Maruyama-koen Park
4. Chion-in Temple
5. Shoren-in Temple
6. Lunch Downtown
7. Nishiki Market
8. Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine
9. Dinner
10. Gion Shimbashi

29.09. Kyoto (Kyoto Itoya Hotel)
1. Arashiyama
2. Tenryu-ji Temple
3. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
4. Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama
5. Okochi-Sanso Villa
6. Lunch
7. Head back to downtown Kyoto
8. Dinner Downtown

30.09. Nara (Kyoto Itoya Hotel)
1. Kofukuji Temple
2. Isuien Garden
3. Nandaimon Gate
4. Todaiji Temple
5. Nara park
6. Nigatsudo & Sangatsudo
7. Kasuga Taisha shrine

01.10. Kyoto (Kyoto Itoya Hotel)
1. Temples and Shrines in the Higashiyama Area
2. Chion-in Temple
3. Shoren-in Temple
4. Yasaka-jinja Shrine
5. Kodai-ji Temple
6. Lunch
7. Kiyomizu-dera Temple

02.10. Kinosaki Onsen (Kinsui Annex)
1. The Seven Public Onsen
2. Town Center

03.10. Kinosaki Onsen (Kinsui Annex)
1. The Seven Public Onsen
2. Town Center

04.10. Himeji & Hiroshima (Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hiroshima-ekimae)
Stopover in Himeji on the way to Hiroshima
1. Hiroshima Museum of Art
2. Peace Memorial Park
3. Peace Memorial Museum
4. maybe Hiroshima Orizuru Tower
5. Hiroshima Castle
6. Shukkeien Garden

05.10. Naoshima (Guest House Seaside Namihei)
not yet planned

06.10. Naoshima (Guest House Seaside Namihei)
not yet planned

07.10. Kanazawa (Hotel Pacific Kanazawa)
1. Higashi Chaya District
2. Kanazawa Castle Park
3. Nagamachi Samurai House Area

08.10. Kanazawa (Hotel Pacific Kanazawa)
1. Kenroku-en Garden
2. 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
3. Lunch in Omicho Market
4. D.T. Suzuki Museum

09.10. Shirakawa-go (Hotel Pacific Kanazawa)
Round-Trip from Kanazawa

10.10. Tokyo (ICI HOTEL Asakusabashi by RELIEF)
Travel to Tokyo

11.10. Tokyo (HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Narita)
last day in Tokyo
1. Hamarikyu Gardens
2. Ginza
3. Hibiya Park
4. Tokyo station Ramen Street
5. Teamlab Planets

flight home to germany
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Re: last minute itinerary 2019/9/21 18:07
First of All,welcome to Japan. Thanks for considering to buy JR nation wide pass.I always tell my friends,my country men,my family to buy JR nation wide pass.because, I know, how important this is.in blink eye,one way ticket is cheap. But in the end or before departure from Japan,we found JR pass is more cheaper than one way ticket.
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Re: last minute itinerary 2019/9/22 02:05

I doubt you will see this before you leave, but I think you're going to have a hard time seeing all the things you want to see in the time alotted unless you plan to just do a 30 minute or less visit to each location. People here generally consider me a fast traveler, but I would have a hard time doing everything you have listed on several days. I think you are underestimated travel times and walking to places.

I think a good example is your first day in Kyoto. You have to get from your hotel to Hakone-Yumoto Station, then get from Hakone Yumoto Station to Odawara and then take the shinkansen to Kyoto. This is going to take you close to 4 hours. You are going to want lunch when you arrive, not after seeing Kiyomizudera. Another day that has similar issues is getting from Naoshima to Kanazawa. That too, is going to take much longer than you estimate I suspect. If you take the more frequent ferry from Miyanomura at 8:52, you're not going to even get to Kyoto or Shin-Osaka until close to noon and that ferry has one of the better layovers in Uno. If you do the 7:55 out of Honmura you still won't get to Shin-Osaka or Kyoto until about noon, you then have 2 more hours to Kanazawa, I'm seeing with either of those ferries you're not getting to Kanazawa until 14:23. And then you need to take a bus to actually get to any of the places you want to see. And just be aware it is 300 minutes from Kinosaki onsen to Hiroshima, without any stopovers. If you want to do a stopover in Himeji you are unlikely to make it to Hiorshima in time to see much there.

Please also be aware that your rail pass is not going to cover all the travel you plan to do. Pretty much all travel from Odawara around Hakone is going to cost you additional, as will the ferry to Naoshima, and the bus to Shirakawa Go You might also need to pay an additional fee when going to and from Kinosaki. I can't remember as I've not been.

Good luck!
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Re: last minute itinerary 2019/9/22 03:31
Sep 28 and Oct 1 appear to repeat a lot of places.
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