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JP post credit card 2019/9/22 09:31
At 29 years of age, I never owned a credit card until recently because some online stores don't take debit cards apparently, so I got a JP post credit card. I chose JP post because I already have a bank account with them that is tied to work where I get my paychecks

I just received the card today and I can't seem to find anywhere on the paper that comes with it on how to return the money owed every month.

Is it automatically deducted from my savings account or do I have to manually pay for it?
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Re: JP post credit card 2019/9/22 11:46
Right. In Japan, credit cards generally work like deferred debit; you spend, then (if you donft specifically opt for 2-installment payment or revolve the balance) in a month and a half or so, the total spend gets deducted from your bank account.

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Re: JP post credit card 2019/9/22 13:40
Just to add, since you say it's your first card ever, you do get a bill (either by paper or through their website) weeks before the card company actually deducts the monthly payment from your account that you assigned for your card. Check your bill, and be sure you have enough money left in your account on your due date.

So, you shop with your card, you keep the receipt, after about a month you receive a bill saying how much money will be deducted from your usual account on what date, check and see if it suits the receipts you'd kept, and in weeks your payment will be actually deducted.

By the way, once you get used to your first card, I think it's best to have about 2 different credit cards with different expiration dates. By having 2, you can use your alternative if it so happens that the seller cannot accept your usual card. I don't think it's wise to use too many credit cards, though. Often you get to collect "points" by using your card, and you'd be able to collect more points by focusing on just one card.
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