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Hiking Clubs in Tokyo 2019/9/23 04:37

I have been living in Tokyo for almost six months now. I have been to Japan many times before and I am very much into hiking. I was looking for some hiking clubs in Tokyo organizing trips around Tokyo and thought this group may have good leads. My Japanese knowledge is still very limited but I am not necessarily looking for an international group even though it would also be fine.

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Re: Hiking Clubs in Tokyo 2019/9/23 15:16
Try the app MEETUP.

There is a group called gJapan Daytrips/Weekend tripsh that is extremely active in organizing hiking trips around Tokyo. They have normally one hiking trip per week. I only went once on a very light walking trip, as I actually donft like hiking. (And no longer live in Tokyo).

On meetup there are also other groups organizing things in/around Tokyo.

Enjoy your hike!
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Re: Hiking Clubs in Tokyo 2019/9/23 15:38
Thank you so much. Very helpful.
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