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Toyama Marathon 2019 2019/9/23 12:26

My friend will join the Toyama Marathon in 2019. I would like to ask if any suggestion for travel during the period. I checked that there is あかりがナイト in the Toyama
HP in Oct 26.

Any other suggestion?
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Re: Toyama Marathon 2019 2019/9/23 15:29
Sorry, what is actually your question?
What to do as a tourist end October in Toyama? How many days? Toyama city only?
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Re: Toyama Marathon 2019 2019/9/23 16:44
Hi LikeBike,

I am sorry for my question is unclear.

Having a chance to go to Toyama because of Marathon 2019 on 27 Oct, I would like to see what can I do meanwhile.

I checked the time schedule of Toyama
It seems the schedule for October since not updated yet.
I found that there is a candle night in Namerikawa (Toyama) on 26 Oct.

I would like to know if there are any other special event, I and my friend can join during the period.

We searched the internet, many sightseeing are attractive, e.g., Yamabiko Bridge and Yamabiko Walkway, Iwase Residence, Shogawa Onsen Area, Zuisen-ji, Amaharashi Coast Quasi-national Park,

But we would like to join some local festival to experience Japanese Local.

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