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Which passes would I by for my itinerary? 2019/9/23 22:45
Hi there, so my family and i are going to Japan from the 10th of Jan - 22nd Jan.

An outline of our itinerary is the following:
Arrive at airport on the 10th
10th-13th : Tokyo (Shinjuku)
13th-15th : Kyoto
15th-18th : Osaka
18th-22nd : Tokyo (Shinjuku)

Wefve decided to purchase the 7-day JR Pass and activate it on the 13th-19th.
Should we buy the Suica IC Card to travel within Tokyo?

Another question, from the airport is it more convenient to purchase the Narita Express Round Trip Ticket, since wefll only be in Japan for 2 weeks?

Thank you.
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Re: Which passes would I by for my itinerary? 2019/9/24 09:54
Note that a 7-day JR Pass only comes close to paying off with a round-trip between Tokyo and Kansai. You'll likely make up the difference by using it while in Kansai (e.g. Kyoto to Osaka, or on a day trip to Nara) and by using it on JR lines within cities on the days it is active (e.g. the Loop Line in Osaka, the Yamanote Line in Tokyo).

An IC card will be useful for non-JR transportation in Kansai (e.g. Kyoto buses) and for transport while your JR Pass is not active. The Suica will also work in Kansai.

It is up to you what pass you buy for airport transportation, but the N'EX return ticket does provide savings if you return to the airport within 14 days, so would be a good purchase.
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