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Fall Colors in Aomori 2019/9/24 11:03
Hello, I already booked a trip to Aomori in mid-October this year for viewing and photographing fall foliage. I am planning on focusing on Towada National Park. While I before read that early October till early November is the best time to view the fall foliage, I also hear that these years predictions show late foliage - indicating that even in Aomori, the colors may not show up before November. My query is this - even in Tokyo now, I everyday observe slight change in the leaf colors. The peak time would sure be amazing (and I was lucky to catch the last bit of it in Kanazawa last winter in early December https://bizarrejourneys.com/kanazawa) So I was wondering if any trip before the peak prediction date would be a waste or would I still enjoy (of course the always amazing scenery of the region) but also some colors. Being in their in no-peak time would also maybe help with the crowds, even though I doubt that is a real issue for anywhere in Tohoku.
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Re: Fall Colors in Aomori 2019/9/24 22:29
Head over to my account and check out the user report from 2018. I was in Tohoku in October 2018 and specifically Towada National Park on October 22nd. You can see the Fall colours were "there" but not the brilliant yellows and red you would expect. In other locations like Mt. Hakkoda, the colours were past peak. In other locations like the two Gorges, it was green.

To my recollection last year was also a bit late as well. It was still pretty in certain locations. Whether it is a waste to go pre or post peak is up to you. The different shades of green and yellow can be quite nice.
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Re: Fall Colors in Aomori 2019/9/25 06:35
Thank you! This was very helpful and it looks like you had a nice trip. I now have a much better idea on what to expect in terms of the color range thanks to you.
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