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Nara or Yoshino 2019/9/25 16:41
i'm leavind for japan on the 21ste of october.
I have my intinerary complet , but i'm kinda stuk between going to Nara or Yoshine from Osaka.

Now i have been to Nara two time already but it's hase always been one of my favorite spots.
But Yoshino also looks pretty nice for a good hike and some tempels.
Sadly enough i dont have the time to go to both.

So is it worth to trade Nara for Yoshino?
Many thanks.
by Artemis 85  

Re: Nara or Yoshino 2019/9/26 09:54
Yoshino is quite attractive, so is worth a visit if you haven't been before and are choosing between that and somewhere you have been multiple times. Yoshino is best during cherry blossom season, but it would be pleasant to visit in October too for the small-town atmosphere.
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Re: Nara or Yoshino 2019/9/26 15:04
Tough choice.
I love Nara and its Prefecture. Eg Imaicho, Asuka, Sakurai...
I went to Yoshino this year for cherry blossom and it was really nice but crowded. I would guess that without cherry blossoms it is a nice town on a hill/ in the countryside. Quite different from Nara city.
I think you could also quite easily combine it with a visit to Imaicho which is very close to Yamatoyagi station, through which youfll come from Osaka anyway.
So yes, I think my choice (if weather is good) would be Yoshino. If weather is not that good, Ifd probably opt for Nara as there are more things to do also indoors.

Enjoy your trip to Kansai!
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