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Aso-Kuju Hiking Courses 2019/9/25 16:57
Planning to hike the Aso-Kuju moutain range this early Nov 2019. Looking at the courses in (https://www.env.go.jp/en/nature/nps/park/guide/kuju/recommend/index.ht...), it seems I can do the Tadewara Marsh and Mt. Kuroiwa/Mt. Sensui course in one day.

My question -- is it worth returning for another day to take another course like Mt. Ogigahana or Mt. Taisen? I mean, are the views much different from the Mt. Kuroiwa/Sensui course?

Also, are their public buses the goes from Chojabaru Visitor Center to Nakadake Crater in Aso?
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Re: Aso-Kuju Hiking Courses 2019/9/26 16:17
Very handy appli for your hiking: https://yamap.com/
Download the maps on you phone when you have internet/Wifi and go hiking without internet connection.
Works perfect.
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