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Getting to Narita Airport Terminal 2 2019/9/25 18:06
Hi there,

My husband & I will be travelling to Japan for our honeymoon. We'd like to find out what is the best way to get to Narita International Airport Terminal 2. As we're staying near Urayasu Station and our flight is at 9am, this would mean we will need to arrive at the airport by 7am. As it is peak hour in Japan during that time, we want to find out which of the 2 options below will be best for us both as we'll be travelling with luggage on a Thursday morning. Currently there are 2 options that we've rounded up and we're planning to board the trains from 5am onwards as the first train at Urayasu Station starts at 5:08am.

Option 1:
From Urayasu Station, take Tozai Line and subsequently Toyokosoku Line to Toyo Katsutadai Station. From Toyo Katsutadai Station walk over to Keisei Katsutadai Station and board the Keisei Main Line Express (10 stops in total) towards Narita International Airport Terminal 2 3.

Advantage: Less-peak as compared to Option 2
Disadvantage: Not sure if can reserve seats on the Keisei Main Line Express as it stops at all stops so many need to stand throughout with our luggage.

Option 2:
From Urayasu Station, take Tozai Line For Nakano to Kayabacho Station. Alight at Kayabacho Station and walk to Kayabacho Station Local Kita-Koshigaya (Hibiya Line). Board train at Kayabacho Station Local Kita-Koshigaya (Hibiya Line) for 9mins (5 stops away) to Ueno Station. From Ueno Station alight and walk to Keisei Ueno and board Keisei Skyliner to Narita International Airport Terminal 2 3.

Advantage: Can reserve seats at Keisei Skyliner.
Disadvantage: May be packed just taking the Tozai Line and Hibiya Line towards Ueno.
Just doing 4 transfers sounds like a major hassle to me as getting from point A to point B in a foreign land is giving me so much anxiety just thinking about this, and with a flight to catch to boot.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Getting to Narita Airport Terminal 2 2019/9/26 11:22
I won't comment on the above train options as perhaps others will.

However, depending upon the area or hotel you are staying, the Limousine Bus will take you door to terminal directly and arrives as early as 7:30a at Narita. I know that is only 90 minutes to get thru to your plane but it could be an option.

See www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/areas/detail/nrt/shinurayasu/for

If I have to travel during rush hours and so forth I give myself plenty of time and as you, I prefer not to be lugging my luggage around hence why I like the Limousine Bus services offered.

Just a thought...
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Re: Getting to Narita Airport Terminal 2 2019/9/26 14:11
During that time, it is unrelated to the morning rush,
and the airport NRT is located in the opposite direction of the rush.

If possible, it is better to change ur accommodation near NRT
or near the direct train such as Keisei Ltd Express(Sky liner or) stops.
Google Maps knows it, just input "(location area) hotel".
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Re: Getting to Narita Airport Terminal 2 2019/9/26 15:23
I would not go in direction of downtown Tokyo, because itfs the opposite direction you actually want to go to AND you have just too many transfers.
The option 1 has you going all way out of Tokyo, against the flow of commuters. So should be quite reasonable. Yes, maybe you canft find a place to sit, but at least you donft have 4 changes.

To make your trip easier you could ship your big luggage to Narita by Takkyubin 2 days earlier. Just an idea.

I personally when departing from Narita in the morning now stay at a hotel close to the airport. Specially since I found the Narita View Hotel with its onsen: https://www.viewhotels.co.jp/narita/

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Getting to Narita Airport Terminal 2 2019/9/27 09:16
I would pick option #1.

I did look at/think about a transfer at Nishi-Funabashi to the JR line to the airport, but that would probably be slower.
Travelling before 7 a.m. and out of the city the trains will be less crowded.
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Re: Getting to Narita Airport Terminal 2 2019/10/1 17:29
Thanks very much everyone for your help.
It has definitely allayed our fears.

Looks like we're gg for Option #1.
We'll just brave through the crowd and stand with our 2 luggage.
*fingers crossed*
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