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Transportation Option to Narita 2019/9/26 11:09

I and my wife will be touring around Tokyo area(Tokyo - > Kanazawa -> Shiragawago -> Takayama -> Nagoya -> Tokyo) for 8D/7N. We planned to buy JRpass 7 days and the last day(8th day) just morning from Tokyo(Kaminarimon, Taito-ku) to the Narita airport. Can I ask what is best option to Narita airport on the 8th day as JRpass cover 7 days? Is there 1 day JRpass or other better option to go for Narita airport(departure 11:45am)? Please do help to suggest.

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Re: Transportation Option to Narita 2019/9/26 18:55
What about just buying a normal ticket?
Or if you get an IC card for transport in the cities (e.g. Kyoto bus, Tokyo metro...) you could use the money on the IC card.
There is a travel life outside of JR pass.
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Re: Transportation Option to Narita 2019/9/26 18:57
BTW, did you do the maths on your actual trip? I would guess that a JR pass is not paying off itself at all? You have some bus trips in between (Kanazawa - Shirakawago- Takayama) that are not covered and overall your are not travelling that far.
Maybe there is some pass for the Alps area that would suit you better.
Check out the pass section of this web page to investigate for yourself. And use Hyperdia or Google maps to get an idea of the costs of each of your JR section of the trip.
Remember JR pass is ONLY valid on JR lines, not any other railway companies!
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Re: Transportation Option to Narita 2019/9/26 22:53

I think the a JR pass might get them slightly ahead since they would presumably have: 1 NEX trip ~2800 yen, Tokyo to Kanazawa ~14,000 yen, Takayama to Nagoya ~5800 yen and Nagoya to Tokyo ~10,000 yen. Most of the Alp passes either assume you want to start or end in Kansai (like the arch pass) or start/end in Nagoya. So since we don't know the exact itinerary a pass probably just barely makes sense, I am assuming OP wants a seat reservation for each train. But they will be spending out of pocket to get from Kanazawa to Shirakawa Go to Takayama since that is all bus. Just changing a little bit will make a pass no longer worth it though. Like if they plan to go from Takayama immediately to Tokyo and not exit the station in Nagoya, the ticket is only 14,410 vs. 16,510

For going to Narita, I'm not sure why they wouldn't just travel to Ueno and catch a private Keisi Skyliner. They're fast and probably the most convenient from where they are staying. And that's actually one reason the JR pass just barely makes sense. If you're staying somewhere close to a JR Station you can get a small additional value over mostly relying on JR trains, but if you're staying near subways, trying to get to JR just to use a pass doesnt make sense. If OP is staying in the Kaminarimon area when they first arrive in Tokyo and not heading straight to Kanazawa they are better off skipping the NEX and using the Skyliner in both directions.
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Re: Transportation Option to Narita 2019/9/27 08:48
There are other options that are cheaper than the 7-day pass, especially if they don't actually stop in Nagoya - possible due to the short duration of the trip. But, they might be doing Shirakawa-go as a side trip and getting the train rather than the Kanazawa to Takayama bus option.
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