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Train transfer within 1min possible? 2019/9/26 20:35
I checked the JR west timetable to Onomici, one of the options involves a transfer in Itozaki Station to another train to Onomichi, the transfer time between both trains is ONE minute... I checked the station on Google earth & think it is possible. I wonder if trains in Japan is really so punctual? (i believe they are.. otherwise JR West won't recommend it..) If less than 1min it is impossible to transfer.
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Re: Train transfer within 1min possible? 2019/9/27 11:07
I have traveled to Onomichi quite a few times. If I recall, you are talking about the train from a Mihara to Itozaki and then transfer to another train from Itozaki to Onomichi. At Itozaki, both trains are on the same platform, just different sides. I think you get off on the right hand side of the first train, walk the 20 feet width of the platform and board on the left side of the second train. The second train wonft leave without the first train arriving beforehand. Many school students take those trains in the morning, the time I have taken them. Enjoy Onomichi; itfs a wonderful little town!
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Re: Train transfer within 1min possible? 2019/9/28 09:10
There are many short transfer times on the network around Japan, and as the PP says, the transfer is typically across to the other side of the platform, and they are sensible enough to know if there is a slight delay in one train, the other would normally wait.

While most of the train network runs very punctually, there are a lot of delays and issues every day, but some of them have little real impact. Also, while most timetables list trains to the closest minute, they actually run to a more precise timetable (for example the shinkansen timetable is actually to the 1/2 minute).
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Re: Train transfer within 1min possible? 2019/11/6 00:00
Many thanks for your reply, unfortunately my schedule has changed as I was planning to go to Kure Yamato Museum on Tuesday but just realised it closes on that day. So I have to swap with the Saturday originally planned for Onomichi, and go there on Tuesday instead. So the train schedule is now different, but more direct and simpler.
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