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Nohi buses around Takayama City 2019/9/27 01:55
Hi everyone i will be staying in a Ryokan in the Okuhida Onsen area near Takayama City and would like to ask more about the bus service around the area which seems to be Nohi Buses, I am new to how buses work in japan and am unfamiliar. I know that you can buy tickets to various places around the area such as Shin-Hotaka ropeway,Kamikochi, and shirakawago from the station, however i would like to know if it is possible to pay the fare without buying any tickets from the station but instead using an IC card such as suica or Icoca on the bus itself? and also if ic cards are not accepted and i am getting on the bus midway through a route without a ticket or IC card how do i pay the correct fare? would it be just purely through coins and notes? thanks in advance!
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Re: Nohi buses around Takayama City 2019/9/28 09:04
Okuhida/Hirayu Onsen is around 50 minutes by bus. Getting a ticket is the normal way of travelling on the bus between the two. I often get the bus on that route to/from Matsumoto.
Presumably you could board without a ticket as people can board the bus from intermediate bus stops in some pretty obscure spots. When boarding get the "stop ticket"(a small white ticket with the number of the stop on it), and when exiting you pay based on how far you have gone. There is a screen at the front of the bus like a "bingo board" (description from one of my guests) that tells you the fare based on where you got on.
I haven't paid enough attention to know if IC cards are accepted, but I have seen people pay in cash.
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Re: Nohi buses around Takayama City 2019/9/28 16:58
Hey JapanCustomTours

thanks for the response this really puts my mind at ease, looks like i will have to bring small notes for the bus rides. :)
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Re: Nohi buses around Takayama City 2019/9/29 09:35
Notes/coins. Getting tickets before boarding at Takayama or the stop at the onsen wouldn't be hard. You can also buy several and use them as you go as they are not for a particular day/time on that route (non-reserved seating) and there is a discount when you buy a set of four.
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