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Coin Locker use overnight in Takamatsu 2019/9/27 05:15
I will be arriving at Takamatsu Station at 07:02 and will depart for Naruto and Tokushima at 08:24. I will spend the night in Tokushima before returning to Takamatsu to spend the following night there. I will have a backpack and a gym bag. I was thinking of leaving the gym bag at a coin locker in Takamatsu and just taking my backpack (change of clothes, toiletries and all my electronics) with me to Naruto and Tokushima. While I have used coin lockers quite a few times, they have always been for same-day purposes. I wouldn't need to get that bag until about 18:00 the next day. What is the usual policy about coin lockers and how long can I store something in it before it is confiscated? I have read here on this site and elsewhere that you can hold it for up to 3 days, providing you pay for each day before you can retrieve it. I just need some reassurance that this is the case and I am in no need to worry about it going missing after just one night. Thank you!
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Re: Coin Locker use overnight in Takamatsu 2019/9/27 12:51
This site




You can use them from 4:15 to 25:15 when JR Takamatsu station is in operation.
You will be charged on calendar day base: After 0 o'clock you will be charged for the next day.
You can use it for three calendar days while the first day is when you put your luggage into the locker.
Payment is only by cash. You can change your note to coin with our money changer nearby.
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Re: Coin Locker use overnight in Takamatsu 2019/9/27 19:39
Thank you frog1954! That is the reassurance I was needing!
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