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Yakushima at New Years: after ideas 2019/9/29 22:01
Hi All,

At the moment I'm in my last throws of micro-managing my last trip to Japan and thought I'd get some ideas and feedback.

I've already booked accommodation, flights and car from December 31st to January 4th 2020. My very light plans are below...

December 31: 11:40AM flight arrive Yakushima. Pick up car @ airport. Arrive accommodation at Miyanoura Port @ 3PM

January 1st: Shiratani Unsui Gorge. Some light hiking - nothing that will require me to take food with me (apart from lunch which can be kept in car) and some water

January 2nd: Yakusugi Museum, Yakusugi Land, Kigensugi. Once again - light hiking that's nothing too difficult

January 3rd: Drive around the island including: Environmental Centre Village Centre, Banyan Park, Ohko no Taki, Yakushima Fruit Garden, Nakama Banyan, Onoaida Hot Springs & Torokino Falls

My plan for Yakushima was to basically relax and also potentially catch up on some posts, but I'm worried I might get a bit stir crazy if things are too slow for too long. Any other suggestions - specifically any NY's celebrations that you are aware of would be much appreciated.

Note that I normally travel at a reasonably fast pace but like to be able to slow down if I enjoy something or find a good quiet onsen.
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Re: Yakushima at New Years: after ideas 2019/9/30 08:13
Regarding onsen, I havent been, but there is at least one onsen on the beach/seaside somewhere. I found this one, not sure if it is this one or if there are also others.

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Re: Yakushima at New Years: after ideas 2019/9/30 13:30

Onoaida Hot Springs
We visited Onoaida Hot Spring recommended by the owner of lG̏h V minshuku where we stayed for 3 nights several years ago. It has only a small bath, and a number of locals came during our visit. We did not find the place relaxing; however, participating with locals in this onsen was another travelling experience worth recollecting.
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Re: Yakushima at New Years: after ideas 2019/9/30 16:46
I've stayed in the Hotel right next to the Onoaida Hot Springs(Yakushima Iwazaki Hotel) but didn't feel the need to visit them.

I can highly recommend the Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen, this one was awesome, although it was really dark when we got there. You can get the information about the tides and when you can enjoy this outdoor hot spring in the tourist center at Miyanoura Port. If you've a car and the timing matches (Evening after a hike or so) just go there, it's a bit far from Miyanoura Port but worth the visit.
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Re: Yakushima at New Years: after ideas 2019/9/30 17:45
I like Onoida Onsen for its local feeling and there is a beautiful waterfall hike which starts right by the onsen but I guess you are already settled for Shiratani and Yakusugiland hikes. The ocean side onsens are really nice as well such as Hirauchi but you need to watch out for the tide times. I assume that your island tour already includes the West Forest Road - the most scenic part of the island where you will be sure to run into many deers and monkeys. Panaroma Restaurant in Miyanoura is probably the most happening place in Yakushima - but please judge by Yakushima standards - and they may have some new year thing going on - they have an instagram account where they announce the events (and I also wrote about it here https://bizarrejourneys.com/yakushima). I also think that there are some street festivities going on in Anbo or Miyanoura on new years eve. If they are open during your visit (as they sometimes close for the xmas and new year), consider stoping at Cottage Davis for lunch located at the southern part of the island. Great food, cozy atmosphere and nice view.
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Re: Yakushima at New Years: after ideas 2019/9/30 20:39
Thanks for the info everyone.

I can confirm I've got a car and am flexible with timings, but the outdoor onsens are not really my thing unless they are semi private like what you see in a hotel (aka - a fence and is gender segregated). Any other suggestions - specifically stuff to do or any possible celebrations (suggestions on shrines/temples to visit on New Years) etc would be much appreciated. I'm aware that the people with the info might not be on the forum at present....
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Re: Yakushima at New Years: after ideas 2019/10/1 12:14
In addition to the suggestions I made in my above post, you can also check out this site for event calendar for Yakushima and I think they have a new year related one as well: http://www.town.yakushima.kagoshima.jp/en/e-event/
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