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Gromwell Root/Lithospermum root? 2019/9/30 11:31
I am trying to find Gromwell Root/Lithospermum root/stoneseeds either in powder or the dried pieces, for tea making, but cannot find any results when I search with the term グロムウェル根, and there is no translation for its scientific name lithospermum that I could find. I know Koreans have Gromwell Root/Lithospermum root/stoneseeds tea products in powder and dried pieces form, but I am wondering if in Japan it is available anywhere (either a physical shop or online, either one is ok). I tried to search Japan Amazon with the terms グロムウェル根 and just in English Lithospermum root with no results.
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Re: Gromwell Root/Lithospermum root? 2019/10/1 07:13
I have to admit I have not the palest idea what this root is, but it is called Murasaki ムラサキ or
紫 or also Shikon「シコン」(紫根)in Japanese:

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