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Cheap suitcases in Tokyo? 2019/9/30 18:33
Hey I'm going to go back home soon and I was thinking of buying a lot of foodstuffs like ramen and other things that aren't too fragile and I have an extra bags allowance on the plane but I don't really want to dish out a lot of money for a bag I won't use in the future (I have several hard-shells at home but I didn't want to have to carry 2 bags around Japan for a month), does anyone have any idea what to buy? I'm heading out of Narita and will be having time to shop in Tokyo before I go!
by Niklas (guest)  

Re: Cheap suitcases in Tokyo? 2019/10/1 12:15
Maybe a cheap duffel bag (like the ones that you can wad up into a ball), then put fragile stuff in your suitcase and non-fragile stuff like clothes in the duffel.
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Re: Cheap suitcases in Tokyo? 2019/10/1 12:22
What about cardboard box sold at Ta-Q-bin office? You can pack it there and send it to the Ta-Q-Bin office at Narita airport.

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Re: Cheap suitcases in Tokyo? 2019/10/1 15:21
Even a normal cardboard box you can get at a shop or conbini (if your ask) could do the trick.
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