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HyperDia problems 2019/9/30 19:43

Does anyone know if HyperDia is updating Koyasan route from December? I enter December 2nd from Tennoji to Koyasan and itfs showing gRoute is not foundh. I tried different dates right through to February next year and get the same thing. I even tried entering Kyoto to Koyasan, but still nothing. The site works when I enter any day from now till November 30th.

by pandy2026  

Re: HyperDia problems 2019/10/1 10:11
Koyasan is not a station name. You need to use correct station names for hyperdia to work.

Dont know the station names in the area you wish to travel. Then find them on google maps.
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Re: HyperDia problems 2019/10/1 10:16
Ignore what i said. Turns out there is a koysan station. Must have changed a name sometime recently.

I just tried your route for the dec 2nd. Worked fine. Male sure adjust the departure times also.
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Re: HyperDia problems 2019/10/1 10:41
Hi Hakata,

Yes, I tried it again this morning and it's working now. I have always enter "Koyasan" in the search on HyperDia and it's always come up. I went to Koyasan back in 2012 , but I don't remember if it was called Koysan station back then. I think the site was playing up the last few days because when I enter any day right up till November 30th it was working fine. It didn't work from December 1st even with different departure time. Anyway, all good now. :)
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