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JR bus in Sapporo, coverage and timetable 2019/10/1 14:14
Im gonna be using JR whole nation pass for my trip in Hokkaido and I realize that the JR bus around Sapporo is covered by JR pass .
I like to save some money if possible by taking JR bus for my Itinerary in Sapporo.
Does anyone have the coverage and the timetable for the JR bus in Sapporo? Hopefully in English.
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Re: JR bus in Sapporo, coverage and timetable 2019/10/1 21:14
No EN timetable, use Google translate or.

JAPAN RAIL PASS can NOT be used for 高速乗合バス(路線バス),
using "高速バス (kousoku bus = Express-Way bus)" as word usual,
can be used only for 路線バス(rosen bus = local bus) of JR-BUS is right,
just showing PASS(date page) for a driver when getting off(depends on bus company).

tips : some basic Japanese for bus and other transportations.
バス(basu): bus (same word, sound)
路線図(rosen-zu): route, (bus) line map
時刻表(jikoku-hyo): timetable (not only for bus, 時刻/時間 jikan means "time")
市(shi) : city (as location address)
方面(houmen) : area, zone, sometimes means including "for ---".
中心部(chuushin-bu) : mid town area
行き (iki/yuki) : for --- (as line/route direction, last stop/line end = 終点 shuuten)
経由(keiyu) : via --- (detour or multiple lines)
バス停(bus-tei) : bus stop (停 means stop, stand, also "のりば noriba" usual)
駅(eki) : --- station (rail station mainly, in tram using "のりば" like bus)
タクシー(takushii) : taxi (same word, sound)
列車(ressha): train (for passengers mainly)
電車(densha) : electric car train (meaning wider for 列車 in casual talking)
入口 / 出口(iri-guchi / de-guchi) : entrance, enter, in / exit, out (口: kuchi/guchi means "mouth")

In Hokkaido "JR Hokkaido bus(as company name)", their local bus color is using
White and Blue and flying bird "swallow" as iconic character on both side body like this.
JAPAN RAIL PASS holders, no need 整理券(seiri-ken)
= bording ticket (small paper ticket, bus mainly) when getting in(mid/rear door).

Express-Way bus are using longer and one-door type bus, very simple as looks.

And if take other company buses,
2000, 5000, and largest 10000Y notes can not be used for payment
as exchange to smaller 1000Y notes and coins by fare machine, be careful.
Only in big city such as Sapporo,
IC card(Kitaca, Sapica, Suica and more) can be used, but in other area is not.

This EN guide(how to ride) is not in Hokkaido, but mostly same,
but some major cities and, payment first bus and front door in usual like these,
however, no such turn bus in Hokkaido, no worry.
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