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Bus to Ouchijuku from Yunokami Onsen Station 2019/10/3 01:11
Hi all! I'm going on a solo trip this month, and one of my stop is Aizuwakamatsu. I'll be taking a day trip to Ouchijuku, and I read in the guide in this site that I should take a train to Yunokami Onsen Station and then take a bus to Ouchijuku.

What I want to ask is, is the bus stop is directly in the front of the station? Or should I walk a bit to the bus stop? Because I've searched everywhere and there's no mention about the bus stop. Also I've looked at the Google Maps street view in front of the station but I didn't look any bus stop.

Also, I read that there's a day pass for 1000 Yen for the bus, where can I purchase it? Is it on the station? Thank you very much!
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Re: Bus to Ouchijuku from Yunokami Onsen Station 2019/10/4 04:57
Hi! The bus is located in front of the train station and off to the side. If you look at Google Map, point the mouse north of the station building down the ramp and you will see a bus parking area to the corner. The bus corresponds to the timing of the train but depending on the time of year the bus can be filled up quickly.

You can buy the day pass from the attendant who stands in front of the bus. Pass will give you a round trip ticket back to the station.

As a hint try to be on the left side of the bus so you face the river. The bus MC will speak in Japanese and will point to a rock formation. It is pretty!

Ouchijuku was one of my favourite places to visit in 2017 . Super jealous you are going back. Have fun!
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