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Yokohama to Mount Fuji (Hakone) 2019/10/4 12:03
Good Day,
I will be arriving in Yokohama via cruise ship on 12 September, 2020.
My husband and I would like to visit the Mount Fuji area and prefer to stay a night or two there.
We would also like to shop at Gotemba Premium outlets.

Can anyone please advise on :-
1. How to get from Yokohama to Mount Fuji, we will be carrying hand and large luggage?
2. Looking for a hotel in Hakone where it is easy to take transport to the various attractions; view Mount Fuji and get to Gotemba outlets and then to Haneda airport.

Thank you so much for all your help.

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Re: Yokohama to Mount Fuji (Hakone) 2019/10/4 16:16
Mt Fuji and Hakone are two different locations. You questioning is confusing as you are mention both areas. Please retype you question.
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Re: Yokohama to Mount Fuji (Hakone) 2019/10/6 13:16
Trains to Odawara and Hakone-Yumoto. Find a hotel/ryokan there for your luggage.
Then bus around Hakone.
If you want to go to Fuji, then a longer bus to Kawaguchi-ko and the shopping mall. Check a map of the area.
To Haneda, trains again.
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Re: Yokohama to Mount Fuji (Hakone) 2019/10/6 16:01
Thank you very much. This was just an initial query , I need to research my options.
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