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Japan In Feburary? 2019/10/4 15:28
Hey Folks,

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas for visiting japan in February ?

such as seeing the snow and day trips from osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo ?

Any tips or thoughts on February ?

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Re: Japan In Feburary? 2019/10/4 22:51
I now live in Japan but in the past - I visited in both January and February many times. Cheaper room rates and less crowds obviously but it all depends on what you want to do. I love winter landscapes so I visited Hokkaido couple of times, once been down to Yakushima where the weather was mild even in February and the hiking travels were open but not crowded. There will still be some crowds in Kyoto even in February but obviously not as bad as sakura or fall foliage periods. I can be more specific if you tell more about your interests - nature, culture, history, cities? First trip to Japan?
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Re: Japan In Feburary? 2019/10/5 02:05
In February in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto you can still do all the normal touristic activities. At the end of February you might also be able to catch some Ike (plum) flowers.

For snow, it is unlikely that there is any snow in these 3 cities. However if you want to go and see/touch snow. The are around Yuzawa is probably the easiest accessible on from Tokyo. About 1,5 h by Shinkansen and you are in the middle of a lot of snow. But if you have more time there are other options as well. Nagano, Yamanashi... snow monkeys ...

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Japan In Feburary? 2019/10/5 03:43

There are lots of possible day trips from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. It all depends on: Your interests, your budget, and how much time you actually have. If you have a week total in Japan, you're not going to be making that many day trips.

I would spend some time looking at this website to get some ideas of places you find interesting.
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