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Where I can do fishing for free in Yokohama 2019/10/4 15:53
Hi, I am living in Yokohama for more than 2 years now. I am looking for a hobby like fishing just for past time. I see people do fishing in Minato Mirai and Hakkeijima area which looks interesting. I know some places will require you to buy ticket to do fishing. However, can you tell me a place in Yokohama where I can do fishing for free, if there's any?
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Re: Where I can do fishing for free in Yokohama 2019/10/6 07:49
except (ŠC’Þ‚è)Ž{Ý(umzuri--shisetsu, =sea fishing site),
some similar spots are called (ŠC’Þ‚è)Œö‰€(umzuri-kouen = park as area).

Basically, Yokohama area has not so many good point, they knows.
Their live fishing channl is not YouTube.

BTW, never been to fishing shops in Yokohama and around, such as ãB‰® Johshu-ya?

And, searched already the types of fish you can catch in the Yokohama area?
Also knowledge of dangerous types with spines and poisons is also required.
The most popular is night ƒV[ƒoƒX Sea Bass (by lure) in summer and around.
Now easyƒnƒ[(haze)’Þ‚è already good season, but still water temp may hotter.
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