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ATM at Narita 2019/10/6 18:29
Hey all,

I am going to be needing to withdrawing some cash on arrival at NRT next month.

My bank allows a max of AUD 3000 per day, but what limits can I expect on ATM's at Narita?
by Simmo29  

Re: ATM at Narita 2019/10/7 12:02
The maximum amount you can withdraw is lesser of two limits: (1) the maximum allowed by your bank, or (2) the maximum allowed by the ATM you are using.

In case of Seven-Eleven ATMs, it can dispense up to 100000 yen (but I have never confirm that since my bankfs max is 50000 yen).
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Re: ATM at Narita 2019/10/7 16:46
i use 7eleven atms, max 100,000 yen which is about 1366 aud.
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Re: ATM at Narita 2019/10/8 04:16
Your info above is correct - the 7-11 ATM max is 100,000 yen per transaction. I have withdrawn that much on my ATM card. There is a local charge of 216 yen, plus whatever your bank inflicts you with.
Just look for the 7-Bank ATM machine - you don't have to look for the 7-11 convenience store.

Once in the city, you can use any 7-11, post office, and many Family Marts or Lawson's.
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Re: ATM at Narita 2019/10/8 09:47
You could do multiple transactions - I have done that in the past even when the individual transaction limit was 100k. There was a period it was restricted to 50k (after a coordinated heist a few years back), but I have not used my overseas card in an ATM here for a long time.
For domestic cards, the limit is much higher (most I've needed to do is 400k one afternoon).
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