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Narita to Odawara 2019/10/7 01:30
Hi :) How to commute from Narita airport to Odawara station the cheapest way possible?
by Katie D  

Re: Narita to Odawara 2019/10/7 10:44
I would think the cheapest way is one of the 1000 yen buses (they might now be 1100 yen) from the airport to Tokyo Station and get off there and take a regular Tokaido line train for 1520 yen.

Good luck!
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Re: Narita to Odawara 2019/10/7 11:22
Thank you for your response. Where do I buy the bus ticket?
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Re: Narita to Odawara 2019/10/7 12:27

All the information should be on this website or linked to on the following website regarding the buses: http://www.keiseibus.co.jp/inbound/tokyoshuttle/en/
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Re: Narita Airport to Odawara 2019/10/7 12:29
When is your flight arrival scheduled?

2090 yen per adult passenger.
: 1000 yen for Narita Airport -- Ginza Station
by the Access Narita bus.
: 199 yen (with IC card)
for Ginza Station (M-16) -- (M-08) Shinjuku Station
by the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.
: 891 yen (with IC card)
for Shinjuku Station -- Odawara Station
by the Odakyu Odawara Line.

On the Odakyu Line,
to have a reserved seat
in a Limited Express Romancecar train,
you pay additionally 910 yen as a surcharge
and get your Romancecar ticket.
(Your traveling time may not be greatly shortened,
but reserving your seat can be a merit.)
You can purchase your Romancecar ticket
at any Odakyu ticket vending machine in Shinjuku Station.

Where do I buy the bus ticket?

The Access Narita does not require a ticket.
You on your bus pay the fare in cash or, use your IC card.

IC cards joining the nationwide compatibility framework
are acceptable on the above-mentioned bus and railway sections.

In subway Ginza Station,
you can purchase a PASMO card at a ticket vending machine.
The Marunouchi Line concourse is just below the bus stop.
You can go down by the elevator
from the unnumbered exit between Exits C5 and C7.
Trains for Shinjuku depart at Track 3.

In subway Shinjuku Station,
trains from Ginza arrive at Track 1.
Near your train's head,
you find the staircase leading to the gate space for Exits A10 to A18.
From Exit A12, you can follow signs for the Odakyu Line.

Your transfer time in the huge Shinjuku station complex,
depending on the amount of your luggage,
would be 10 to 15 minutes (except time on waiting for a train).
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Re: Narita to Odawara 2019/10/8 10:00
I'm not a fan of buses, but using the train system you can do it for around 2,700 yen in under three hours and a single transfer.
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Re: Narita to Odawara 2019/10/10 13:17
Yeah I figured via Hyperdia :) Thank you all for your help.

Can I buy HAKONE PASS in Odawara station?
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Re: Narita to Odawara 2019/10/10 15:32
Yes to your pass question.
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