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How can I wear this kimono? 2019/10/7 16:14
I just bought a lovely reversible kimono on a con with one side a light silver with blue flowers and the other side completely blue with a dragon on the back.
I have bought a Haori already last year together with the belt and as far as I know Haoris and Yukatas can be worn as a simple jacket over (plain) clothes.
The Kimono I bought is more like a bathrobe with the belt just being a strip of fabric that you tie at the front. The sleeves are also "normal" just like with a bathrobe. The kimono ends just above my knees.
How exactly should I wear this? Can I tie it with the same belt I bought for my Haori? What shpuld I wear underneath when I want to wear it in the traditional way?
Would it be possible to just wear it as a jacket? It's such a lovely item it would be a shame to only be able to wear it foe conventions and such.
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Re: How can I wear this kimono? 2019/10/7 19:39
That doesn't sound like a kimono. Kimono have inner and outer layers, with at least two collars. It sound like you're describing a bathrobe, or a Western fashion "kimono" which is a thing jacket-style piece worn over other clothing (https://au.boohoo.com/womens/coats-jackets/kimonos). Kimono are also full-length and they wouldn't stop at your knees.

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Re: How can I wear this kimono? 2019/10/8 01:18
yeah, I agree, it doesn't sound like a kimono. I thought of a happi, i.e. one of those jackets worn at your local matsuri while balancing a portable shrine around the streets:


If that's what you bought, here a video (in Japanese) that explains how to wear it. Be careful which side goes on top, as doing it wrong means death. (the same is true for kimono / yukata etc)

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Re: How can I wear this kimono? 2019/10/8 01:24
No it is definitely not one of those. Maybe they simply labeled it as kimono, I don't know. It does have a thicker fabric and all so it's definitely not one of those flimsy "kimonos" that are in trend right now.
But like you said it doesn't seem to be an actual kimono either.
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Re: How can I wear this kimono? 2019/10/8 02:16
Typically, kimono and even undergarments don't have dragons on its back. What you have definitely sounds like a souvenir robe designed for foreign visitors. Wear it as a robe at home or as a costume on stage. But if it were anything, the size of it sounds like a nagajuban which is what you wear right under your proper kimono.

By the way, yukata is more like a sun dress. You don't wear it on top of clothes. You wear it like an ordinary kimono, often directly on your skin, except that it's worn either as summer (June to September) day wear, or as a night gown for sleeping.

But it's a modern world. You're free to wear things any way you want as long as it looks good.
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Re: How can I wear this kimono? 2019/10/8 12:52
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Re: How can I wear this kimono? 2019/10/8 22:25
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