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How to get a Sim card? 2019/10/7 20:39
Kindly someone help me understand how to get a sim card if I don't own a credit card.
by vinolin asokan (guest)  

Re: How to get a Sim card? 2019/10/8 11:46
Option 1: Pay cash at the vending machine once you arrived at the airport.
Option 2: Buy at amazon in your country
Option 3: Go to electronica shop to buy a sim card

I would be good if you could be more specific what kind of sim card you want to buy, your arrival location.
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Re: How to get a Sim card? 2019/10/8 11:51
Where now? already or living in Japan?

Prepaid SIM enough? if so, you can buy it by cash(JPY) at
int'l airports(vending machine or), major big terminal rail stns, Express-way bus terminals,
major electoric stores, convenience stores are mainly.
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Re: How to get a Sim card? 2019/10/8 17:07
Hi Vinolin,

If I were you, I would get a SIM card before traveling to Japan. You know, just in case, to be prepared for your trip. Also, I see that you don't have a credit card. In my case, I don't like paying online with my credit card, so I always use Paypal for it. I bought my SIM card, per the recommendation of my sister in law, here: https://www.jrailpass.com/sim-card. They do accept Paypal, and for me, that was one of the main reasons why I decided to get my card on this site.
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Re: How to get a Sim card? 2019/10/9 07:46
Hi, vinolin.

I'm a Japanese working in Tokyo for over a decade.
Let me help you some.

As justmyday said to you, those options will work fine.
I just continue that.

First, I'll add a list for justmyday's options 1 & 2 so that you can grab a bigger picture

A Carefully Selected List of Prepaid SIM Cards Available in Japan

Secondly, let me add an option.

Option 4: Rent a SIM card

Mostly, you can receive it at your designated places incl. airports & accomodations.
Mostly, they are refundable.
Mostly, you can rent it with a lower price.

I just put a list for rental SIM card plans to compare prices and other specs.

Hope they can help your wonderful experience in Japan.
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