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JR Pass 7 days itinerary 2019/10/7 21:00
Hi all,

I'm trying to find a good options for my itinerary with the 7 days JR Pass. There's so much information that i'm lost. I'm staying at Hotel keihan asakusa.
JR PASS 7 days itinerary:
Day 1: 01nov odawara castle (JR)
hakone mt fuji (hakone freepass \4000)
Hotel keihan asakusa, tawaramachi station, kanda station, tokyo station. Tokyo Station Tokaido Shinkansen line to Odawara Station, which is included in the JR Pass. Odawara Hakone Tozan train to Hakone-Itabashi Station 2.5hrs.
Day 2: 02nov Himeji (PH) & kokoen garden JR 3.5 hrs Asakusa station/line, sengakuji station keikyu line, shinagawa station, keikyu line gate takanawa exit west 80m shinagawa station tokaido sanyo shinkansen himeji station.
Day 3: 03nov nikko2.5 \500 bus pass
Toshogu Shrine (Ƌ{, Tōshōgū)
Taiyuinbyo (Q@_, Taiyūinbyō)
Shinkyo Bridge
Kegon waterfall
Ashikage flower park 2.5h
(the garden of illuminating flowers night show 15.30 - 21.00)
Day 4: 04-11 nagoya
Nagoya castleÉ&Inuyama Castle R
From tokyo station by tokaido shinkansen 1.40hrs. From nagoya station to inuyama 30min. Meitetsu inuyama line. Nagoya is 52min from Osaka, so if we have time we can go to Osaka.
Day 5: 05-11 KOBE_ˎs kyoto (no schedule yet)
Day 6: 06-11 Chureito pagoda 쓃fuji

Do you think this is a good and convenient itinerary and possible with the shinkansen? I'm stuck with day 1, 3 & 6...
Day 1 first odawara castle then hakone mt fuji.
Hakone shrine shore of lake ashinoko, mototsumiya shrine with komagatake ropeway. Sighseeing pirate cruise covered by hakane freepass, Hakone open air museum
Symphonic sculpture, old tokaido&hakone checkpoint, a look of edo era walking to tea house amazake chaya.
Day 3 is it possible to go to Nikko and then to Ashikaga flower park illuminating with the shinkansen?
Day 6 is chureito pagoda worth it?

Thank you very much!

by Emily (guest)  

Re: JR Pass 7 days itinerary 2019/10/8 11:34
Emily, people already answered this query in your original thread:


Please look there.

You underestimated the trip between Tokyo and Himeji. It is 4 hours from Tokyo Station to Himeji Station via Hikari, you can't use Nozomi with a rail pass. (Most Hikari run Tokyo to Okayama and so you will not need to transfer, however, you are still looking at 8 hours round trip from Tokyo Station and then another 8 hour round trip from Tokyo Station when you go to Kobe.)

I'd do the itinerary I posted in the original thread.

Good luck.

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