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11 Days in Japan in December 2019/10/9 02:37
Travel Dates : 03 DEC to 15 DEC 2019
Persons : 2

Day 0 : Kolkata, India to Osaka
Day 1 : Osaka to Kyoto (Kansai Area Pass)
Day 2 : Kyoto to Himeji (Kansai Area Pass)
Day 3 : Kyoto sightseeing (Kyoto subway & Bus Pass)
Day 4 : Kyoto sightseeing (Kyoto subway & Bus Pass)
Day 5 : Kyoto to Hiroshima (JR Pass-day 1)
Day 6 : Kyoto to Kanazawa (JR Pass-day 2)
Day 7 : Kanazawa & Shirakawa-go sightseeing (JR Pass-day 3)
Day 8 : Kanazawa to Kawaguchiko by shinkansen Kagayaki (JR Pass-day 4)
Day 9 : Sightseeing at Kawaguchiko (JR Pass-day 5)
Day 10 : Sightseeing at Kawaguchiko (JR Pass-day 6)
Day 11 : Kawaguchiko to Osaka (JR Pass-day 7)
Day 0 : Osaka to Kolkata, India

Passes used :
1) Kansai Area Pass (2 days)
2) Kyoto subway & Bus Pass (2 days)
3) JR Pass (7 Days)

Payment Methods available :
1) ICOCA IC card (To be bought at Kansai Airport JR Station)
2) International Debit Card (To be collected in Home Country)
3) SBI Prepaid foreign travel card (To be collected in Home Country)

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Re: 11 Days in Japan in December 2019/10/9 12:49
It that right, to go Kanazawa to Kawaguchiko? I get that as a several hour trip. Personally I wouldnt, I thought Kawaguchiko was not somewhere I would go to twice though Mt Fuji was impressive close up. I think you'd be going very far out of your way for not a lot of benefit.

Consider as an alternative Kanazawa to Shirakawa and on to Takayama for a night or two (maybe a night in one of the onsen towns around there) then stop at Hikone (not Hakone) on the way back to Osaka. I would recommend the Hikone Castle View resort as a nice hotel in Hikone.
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